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Monday, November 24, 2008

SG Blogger Blood Drive

Nuffnang Singapore is pleased to bring you Singapore’s first blogger blood donation drive!

Our aim is to get 300 bloggers to donate blood on a single day! With each donation saving 3 lives potentially, that’s 900 lives saved! As a community, besides enjoying movies, parties, and great contests together, we also hope to foster a sense of charity and goodwill. 25,000 bloggers can do a whole lot of good for the community at large, and we want to make as much noise as possible!

The Nuffnang team has been hard at work to ensure that whilst our bloggers are doing good, all our bloggers have as fun a day out as possible! It will be a blogger “festival” of sorts, with games, movie screenings, food, and great great company THROUGHOUT the day. Each blogger blood donor will also receive a certificate to commemorate this momentous event, and a very limited T Shirt, to SHOUT TO THE WORLD, “I TOOK PART IN SINGAPORE’S FIRST BLOGGER BLOOD DONATION DRIVE”.

You’re just our type, so let’s gooooo Nuffnangersss!!!! Be part of Singapore's First Blogger Blood Drive on 29th November 2008 at the Bloodbank @HSA.

TO RSVP for this event: Email your name, IC no, and blog address to savelives@nuffnang.com

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Email your queries to aymt@nuffnang.com

How to go to the Blood Bank? See in this post.
What is the Blood donation procedure? See in this post.

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